Space Sound Records is happy to announce that it has acquired the services of Moon Studio as its production facility. Moon Studio has been in business since the year 2000.

Mark Kolodynski has known the chief engineer of Moon Studio Henry Falco for five years, they have worked on number of projects together. Henry Falco himself has been in the music industry business for twenty years. He has extensive experience across a variety of genres of music having worked on projects that encompassed Jazz, Blues, Funk, and Rock to the more contemporary genres of Techno, Trance, Club, and dance music as well. Some of the more prominent clientele that Henry has worked with are Miles Davis, Vanilla Ice, as well as doing remixing work for the legendary Kool and the Gang.

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Welcome - MOON STUDIO, founded in January 2000, was established to bring to the recording scene on Staten Island a professional and comfortable atmosphere for all styles of music. It's not enough to simply record someone's music. It is a very intimate process. Walking into a recording studio should be a full sensory experience, transporting you to a unique place, the place that sets the music in your head and your heart into something solid to share with the world.

Photos of the studio