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Dear friends,

The 2018 year is a very special year for me. Around this time 10 years ago, Space Sound Records was born. Many of you have known me longer for this, and therefore also know that music is my biggest passion. For this reason I opened up my own record label. The beginning was a bit shaky but little by little we began to produce some really great works. I try to surround with a very good bunch of friends and musicians who really helped me in this endeavor. During the past 10 years Space Sound Records has produced over 41 productions and we have worked with many talented and famous artists from both the Italo Disco and Spacesynth genres. I've had many highlights during my time producing these works. Some experiences that come to mind include; spending time in the studio in sunny California with Fred Ventura and Ken Laszlo, recording songs in Moon Studio (New York) with Linda Jo Rizzo, working with Eddy Huntington in Poland and spending time with Ken Laszlo recording his newest hit Fire & Ice. Additionally I've had a spectacular time working with artists like: Joy Peters, Italoconnection, Tiziana Rivale, Trans X, Marc Fruterro, Retronic Voice, Mirko Hirsch, Riccardo Campa, Vision Talk, and TQ. I've also really appreciated the opportunity to release albums and songs for Spacesynth artists like: Rob Van Eijk, Marco Rochowski, Synthesis, Bellatrix, Galactic Warriors, Galaxy Hunter, Dreamtime, Prodomo A.M. Samurai, Anders Lundqvist, Krzysztof Radomski, and Neuton Mouse. I would also like to extend a special thank you to any and all artists that joined the team in on the Space Holidays Series and other compilations When I was 15 years old in 1987 I first heard the Future Generation album by Laserdance and fell in love with the music. Since then I began to collect everything from the spacesynth genre, though Laserdance always remained my favorite. The point is, if someone had told me in 1987 that I would produce an album by Michiel Van Der Kuy and Rygar I would have told them that they are insane. Yet I stand here today with those goals completed, and still going! I am currently working with Michiel Van Der Kuy to produce a brand new Rygar album that will be released this year. The saying is cheesy but its hold truth; dreams really do come true. However I did not accomplish all of this on my own. Space Sound Records is hard work, and it's team work. I would never have been able to do this alone. I would like to give a special thank you to all the people who have helped me run SSR and have kept me going. Special thanks to my daughter for all her detail oriented work she does for me. Thank you to my mom Danuta Kolodynski who is responsible for the shipping department. Thank you to Damian Lipinski for all the mastering he works on. Thank you to Janusz Szymecki for all his hard work and contribution to SRR. Thank you to Krzysztof Palich and Daniel Bazan for their amazing art works, Waldemar Zywica for the brand new website and to Artur Grzywacz, Daniel Pettersson, Marco Rochowski, Tomasz Gillert, Mirko Hirsh, Staffan Ohman. Last but not least I would like to extend a special thank you to my wife who always supports me, tolerates my late night emails and phone calls,trips and truly understands my passion for the music. Since 2018 is the 10 year anniversary, we plan to make this a special year. Firstly, we are planning to release 2 special Italo Disco and Spacesynth 10 year anniversary mixes by Martin Verlaan. These two mixes will be available as a free download with full artwork similar to the Space Holidays Series. Additionally we will be releasing Marco Rochowski's Essential Collection (double CD album) with all his best spacesynth tracks. Prodomo is also finishing his solo album which will be released soon. Additionally we have plans to release for the first time a Summer in Space Compilation; this will be similar in style as Space Holidays but will have more happy tunes with funny artwork. I will give more information about this project soon. Yet there is still more, there are an additional 3 projects that we are working on that I am not yet willing to disclose, I guess it will have to be a surprise... Let's make this new year a good and special year. Thank you for all your support.


Marek Kolodynski.

Hello all!

As I have mentioned before we have re-launched spacesoundrecords.com ! I am very proud and delighted to present to you the new look of the site. We have made improvements on the E-shop to make it easier to order, and we are currently working on adding samples of the albums for preview before you buy. Please go check it out for yourself, we would love to hear what you think!

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