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Galactic Warriors
Galactic Warriors
Interview with Galactic Warriors
1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what do you do?
KRUNO: I live in Krizevci.This is an old city in Croatia.I am by profession an agrotechnician and trader. I do various jobs inside and outside this profession.
MAX: I lived a while in Germany, however I returned to Croatia (Krizevci) a year ago . I am by profession a gas boiler serviceman.

2. How did you get involved in music and do you have a music background?
KRUNO: I worked for many years as a DJ . In  1988 I bought my first synthesizer which in my free time I  learned to play.In the mid 90-ies I bought an Amiga 1200, the Roland Alpha Juno-1 and worked with Octamed and Music-X software. I learned with my friends at home and I have no musical education. At that time I worked a lot with my friend Max, and at the end of 2010 we decided to launch a commercial project called Galactic Warriors.
MAX: I was 10 years old when I first got the accordion for my birthday and since then I started experimenting with tunes that I heard on radio stations. I have no musical education. My first synthesizer was the Alpha Juno-1, and since then my interest in music began to grow. I started experimenting with the Amiga 600 and a variety of musical programs that were available. In the early 90's I worked as a DJ and on that occasion met Kruno and since then we thought about this, and here we are today!
3. Besides spacesynth what other hobbies do you have?
KRUNO: My hobby is mostly related to music, D.J. , collecting vinyls and CDs, as well being a Hi-Fi collector. I like to read a good book and ride on a bike.
MAX: My hobby ...... hot womens (just kidding :D )
Video games, documentaries, reading books, swimming and much more .
4. What other music interests you?
KRUNO: My favorite music is from 80's; Italo Disco, Canadian Disco, Electro Funk and High Energy. I love to listen to ambient music.
Of course, the inevitable J.M. Jarre.
MAX: Italo Disco, High Energy, Classical, Trance, Rave and all that  is pleasant to the ears.
5. Do you compose any other music besides spacesynth, if yes, what might that be?
KRUNO: Yes.There are the songs in  trance and dance styles and ambient music.
MAX: Same as Kruno.
6. How did you find spacesynth or when did you first come in contact with this genre of music?
KRUNO: I listened to  Italo and Canadian disco from the beginning. In Croatia, Italo Disco was quite popular and there were plenty of shows on radio stations. When  Koto,Cyber People and Laserdance released their first songs, I was fascinated by the new sounds and melody. I remember this like it was yesterday.
MAX: When I first heard the song by Laserdance-You & Me on the radio  I was fascinated by it. I enjoy the bassline melody, and over all  the whole composition . The following can also  be said of  Koto and Cyber  People.
7. What draws you to spacesynth and why do you like this music?
KRUNO: Spacesynth creates a futuristic atmosphere. Its  beautiful melody and deep bass provide energy, and it is especially nice to listen to with headphones every detail.This music never becomes boring.
MAX: I agree with Kruno.
8. Is there anything that you dislike about this genre?
KRUNO: Songs that do not have the appropriate melody, too much repetition and arpeggio-sequence.
MAX: I do not like a lot of repetition and excessive use of arpeggio-sequencer.
9. Are there any group or artist(s) that have influenced you?
KRUNO: Yes, they are: Patrick Cowley, Giorgio Moroder, Koto and Laserdance.
MAX: Giorgio Moroder, JMJ, LD and Koto.
10. I guess this question follows on from the next but do you have a favorite artist and why?
KRUNO: Michel Van der Kuy is still my favorite. His music has g reat atmosphere,beautiful melody and he has many good albums.
MAX: I agree with the Kruno, I would like to add another one of my big favourite's Marco Rochowski.
11. Do you have a favorite spacesynth album and why?
KRUNO: My home collection contains all the albums of Laserdance. Future Generation, Around The Planet,Discovery Trip and Changing Times are the absolute best - The golden classics !
MAX: I don't own a collection, but I like album of LD-Future Generation.
12. Would you be interested in working in a duet or with other artists if yes who would that be?
KRUNO: As you know I am now working with a friend Max. Working together gives us more ideas and makes this job even more interesting.
MAX: Here I agree with Kruno :-)
13. Do you like Italo Disco?
KRUNO: Yes, I really like Italo Disco. It is the music of my youth.  It has beautiful songs and refrains. Some examples are  Ken Laszlo, Mauro Farina, Tom Hooker, Mike Mareen, Fancy, Radiorama, Fred Ventura, Savage etc. There was a lot of unforgettable good artists.
MAX: Yes, there was a lot of good artists.
14. A few Spacesynth artists have come from the Demo scene, were you ever part of that, if yes what was your artistic name and do you think there is any advantage to Demo artists?
KRUNO: I cannot tell anything special, I have never been a part of it.
MAX: No comment, I have never been a part of it.
15. Let's move to composing. How do you start with a new track? Do you, start by trying to compose a new melody or do you play around with chords and then try and fit a melody into that or is there perhaps another way?
KRUNO: I have a few simple  rules.It all depends on the ideas that are currently in my head.Usually I start by creating the drumtrack and then I add the bassline.Sometimes I start with chords. Sometimes I do a specific intro. I do not have a precise definition .
MAX: Depends on the situation, sometimes I begin with a bassline or a string section,each time the order is different, not the rule, at least not for me.
16. Recently there has been some debate s about the importance of melody in spacesynth. Do you have any opinion or thoughts on this?
KRUNO: Melodies are very important in spacesynth. Emphasis should be on harmonies and composition.
MAX: I agree with Kruno.
17. Spacesynth currently has many different styles, for example, Protonic Storm is very futuristic and pushing boundaries on the other hand Marco Rochowski epitomizes the Golden era with his classical interpretation. Where do you think you fit?
KRUNO: Our music is classic Spacesynth in character and off-course more supportive of Marco Rochowski' old school style. We want to revive the spirit  of 80's years  and the return of memories.
MAX: Everyone makes music in his own way, we want to keep the old school style, because this kind of music comes to a better expression.
18. This question is a sort of follow on. Where do you think the genre is heading? Some people have said that we should move on from the LD influence and embrace influences from other genres i.e. different drums, bass and not have to rely on melody. Others have argued that the melody is the essence of spacesynth and overhauling it would kill the uniqueness of the style and thus creates just another electronic sub genre. Any thoughts?
KRUNO: Spacesynth is a specific music originated as a hybrid of italo disco. With the u se of new sounds spacesynth loses originality. Of course,everyone is entitled to their opinion especially when it comes to the generations.
MAX: Here I disagree with Kruno.
19. Any thoughts on how we could improve the genre (musically and gaining more mass appeal)?
KRUNO: Unfortunately spacesynth will never be as popular as it was. We can still see some positive steps in relation to previous years. New artists, better promotion, and internet radio today can do much better for the popularity of it.
MAX: Unfortunately, times are changing, and the view of the space synth music. For us it is important  that we maintain this type of music alive.
20. What sort of gear do you use?
KRUNO: I have my home studio, where we use Roland Juno-106, Roland JV 80 (With expansion board "Vintage Synth"),Numark DM-1775A Digital Sampler, JBL Control 5,Magnat Monitor Supreme 1000 Black,Sennheiser MHK 405, AKG K-240, Fruity Loops 10, VSTi (SQ8L,Korg Polysix,M-1,Monopoly,FM-7, Nexus......) and SF.
MAX: I have a midi-keyboard and only use VSTi, and the other is with Kruno in the studio.
21. At times debate has centered on Software synths vs. hardware, do you have a preference if yes why?
KRUNO: Nowadays I prefer   VSTi with their increased use. The VSTi technology makes working on music much easier and gives plenty of new possibilities. On some VSTi it is almost impossible to notice the difference with hardware.
MAX: I agree with Kruno
22. What's your favorite TV show?
KRUNO: I do not watch TV too much, I prefer documentary series.
MAX: I do not watch TV too much, I sometimes look at different series.
23. Anything you would like to say to the fans of the Spacesynth Genre?
KRUNO & MAX: A big thanks to all the fans.We hope it will be accepted spacesynth music
by the  younger generations and be a timeless visitor as soon in more homes!

Now for something light hearted. Just give the answer to one you prefer or “Neither” if they aren't applicable. (No explanations required!!)
 1. Tea or Coffee?  Coffee.
 2. Market or Shopping Mall?  Shopping mall.
 3. Demo or Italo?  Italo.
 4. TV or Sport?  Sport.
 5. Books or Cinema?  Cinema.
 6. Resort or Camping? Resort.
 7. Summer or Winter?  Summer.
 8. Cat or Dog?  Cat.
 9. Beer, wine or Spirits?  Beer.
10. Blonde or Bruette?  Doesn't matter.
11. Sweet or savoury?  Savoury.
1. Coffee.
2. Market.
3. Italo.
4. Internet.
5. Cinema.
6. Resort.
7. Summer.
8. Dog.
9. Wine.
10. Brown.
11. Sweet.

Space Sound Team
Interview Conducted By Peter D.
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