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Various Artist

Space Holidays Vol. 1

CD 1

Cyberspace - Jingle Bells

Galaxy Hunter - Sleeping Child (Radiorama Remix)

Dreamtime - Dystopian City

Vision Talk - Paradise For Free

Galaxy Hunter - Feel The Love Tonight

Prodomo - Convoy

Galaxy Hunter - Jingle Space

Synthesis - Warrior Of Light

Galaxy Hunter - Take Me In Your Arms

The Disko - Mind Making Machine

Cyber Space - Hey, Do You Wanna Dance

Alphawave - Galactica Aurora

A.M. Samurai - Game 4 2 (Play With Me)

VZ Vintage Project - Space Race

Staffan Öhman - The Return Of Space Raiders

Galaxy Hunter - The Astronauts (Vocoder Version)

Space Sound Records - Megamix (Short Version) ¹

CD 2

A.M. Samurai - Game 42

Galaxy Hunter - Silver Moon

Cyberspace - Flying Over The Planet

Synth Dimension - Synthesized Ghost Of 80's

Cyberspace - Return From Star Trekking

Vanello - Destination Cosmos

Galaxy Hunter - Eyes On Mars

Anders Lundqvist - The Return Of Space Raiders

Anders Lundqvist - The Search For Other Land

A.M. Samurai - Secret Entrance

Prodomo - Black Hole

Vocoderion - High Level

Alphawave - Flying Saucer

Synthesis - Galaxy Fighters

Vanello - Rock The Space

Prometheus - Eudaimonia

Marco Rochowski - Digital Election

Prodomo - Even Horizon

Staffan Öhman - Mission To Accomplish

Staffan Öhman - Fly Like Superman

Alphawave - Astral Shuttle

Vocoderion - Launch Into Space

Prometheus - First Shoot

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