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Space Project
Space Project

Space Project are Tomasz Gillert and Marek Kolodynski. This duet was formed in 2005, the brains behind this outfit is Tomasz Gillert who is also known under the guise of Spaceraider. Marek and Tomasz decided to purchase more keyboard instruments, the fruits of this investment was the album "Beyond Imagination", released in the latter half of 2006. In mid 2007 Space Project decided to form its own label; this gave birth to Space Sound Records. March 2008 saw the release of the Maxi-single "The Return Of Space Raiders" which is a fore-runner to their up and coming album "New Dimension", currently being worked on.

Interview with Space Project
Hello and welcome to Spacesound Records. We would like to shed some light on the individuals who make the music we all love. What better way than hearing it from the artists themselves.

Tomasz, Welcome to Spacesound!

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what do you do?
Greetings all, my name’s Tomasz (Thomas) Gillert. I live and work in Poland, more precisely in a small town near Krakow. At the moment I’m on vacation. In my spare time I compose music, sometimes I play cRPG on the PC. Generally I’m involved with computers.
2. How did you get involved in music and do you have a music background?
I don’t have any musical training and that’s great because all my ideas come from my mind and not books. I remember when I was young and my friend got a KORG POLY 60, immediately I was in love with electronic music. Later on were the Italo Disco and Laser Dance years particularly Power Run which was the reason for me wanting to create such music. I then started my compositions on the ATARI 800 XL, TIMEX, COMMODORE 64 and off-course the lovely AMIGA 1200. These were unforgettable years in the music scene (more about this later). In the PC era, everything started to sound much better. I’m sure you will be convinced when you listen to our albums.
3. Besides spacesynth what other hobbies do you have?
As I have previously mentioned I really enjoy playing games such as cRPG (Baldurs Gate , Diablo, Titan Quest) these are an escape from reality for me. I also enjoy watching films and riding a bike in my spare time.
4. What other music interests you?
My main interest is electronic music however on many occasions I do download Progressive Rock (Pendragon), Psychedelic Rock(Porcupine Tree), Art Rock (Alan Parsons Project) as well as film music (Hans Zimmer) in addition PsyTrance (Astral Projections) and off-course New Romantic music.
5. Do you compose any other music besides spacesynth, if yes, what might that be?
Sometime ago I did compose music on the Demo Scene as well as Techno Trance. Now I’m mainly concentrating on Spacesynth but not only see below!
6. How did you find spacesynth or when did you first come in contact with this genre of music?
I’ve answered this previously, see above. I will add that many years ago I stopped listening to this music, I played in a hardcore accapella group on the drums for 7 years. As soon as I found out that this genre hadn’t died and that there were composers who continued to produce this music as well as view this as No 1 I decided to compose myself.
7. What draws you to spacesynth and why do you like this music.
In this genre there’s a dynamic, atmosphere, melodies but fore mostly heaps of electronic effects. Sometimes you can feel Universe’s soul. The main draw card for me is the bass and rhythm as well as the solos and sharp chords. And Lets not forget about the vocoders.
8. Is there anything that you dislike about this genre?
Hmmm... Yes, the constant copying of the same sounds in succession. I can’t stand monotony.  And this is one of the problems of many composers these days. In addition I can’t stand the implantation of Techno in Spacesynth.
9. Are there any group or artist(s) that have influenced you?
Oh I could name many artists but I’ll try and be short : Alan Parsons Project, Camel, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Alphaville, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre ( Oh Yes) Also all the well known composers of spacesynth.
10. I guess this question follows on from the next but do you have a favorite artist and why?
Answered above.
11. Do you have a favorite spacesynth album and why?
The first album by Laserdance (CD and Vinyl) Reason (No need to write).
12. Would you be interested in working in a duet or with other artists if yes who would that be?
Absolutely, I guess the only obstacle would be my program Fruity Loops which I think no one from the established artists uses. As for choice well I’m open to offers.
13. Do you like Italo Disco?
Do I like it?? I LOVE IT!!!!
14. A few Spacesynth artists have come from the Demo scene, were you ever part of that, if yes what was your artistic name and do you think there is any advantage to Demo artists?
Off-course I was. As I mentioned earlier, I was part of the Amiga Demo Scene and I composed under the pseudonym GILO J Advantages, then I’m not sure as I’m not in that scene anymore, but there were many. The music may have found its way to the audio visual field and one could become famous (I’m kidding).
15. Lets move to composing. How do you start with a new track? Do you, start by trying to compose a new melody or do you play around with chords and then try and fit a melody into that or is there perhaps another way?
There’s many ways but that’s my big secret J I’m joking, actually most often I start with short solos then chords and finally it comes together by itself
16. Recently there has been some debate about the importance of melody in spacesynth. Do you have any opinion or thoughts on this?
Music without melody is like a car without wheels. Sound creates melodies and melodies create music. You can’t have one without the other.  Off-course there are extreme examples of music without sense such as Hip Hop (regarding melody) but I wouldn’t categorize that as music. I try and compose for the listeners ear and the melody is the most important thing that I do.
17. Spacesynth currently has many different styles for example Protonic Storm is very futuristic and pushing boundaries on the other hand Marco Rochowski epitomizes the Golden era with his classical interpretation. Where do you think you fit?
Somewhere in between. It is hard to say as I’m always trying for the songs not to sound the same. Sometimes it sounds like your typical Laserdance i.e. Starfighter and sometimes like electronic i.e. Astronauts Dream.
18. This question is a sort of follow on. Where do you think the genre is heading? Some people have said that we should move on from the LD influence and embrace influences from other genres i.e. different drums, bass and not have to rely on melody. Others have argued that the melody is the essence of spacesynth and overhauling it would kill the uniqueness of the style and thus create just another electronic sub genre. Any thoughts?
I don’t think the legacy of Laserdance and Koto will die so easily. I certainly would want to hear any Rap in Spacesynth.
19. Any thoughts on how we could improve the genre (musically and gaining more mass appeal)?
Well this is a genre that at one stage was known on a smaller scale around the world. I think we should support it as much as possible, advertise it, write about it, make it easily accessible and most importantly to keep composing it. I have great hope that one day there will be a rebirth of this genre (hopefully soon).
20. What sort of gear do you use?
In regards to my equipment, then I use microKorg, Juno Alpha 2, Yamaha DX7 recently Korg M1. the computer PC with M-Audio card, Mixer Xenyx 802, microphone Samson Q6, sequencer Fruity Loops and lots of virtual synths.
21. At times debate has centered on Software synths vs. hardware, do you have a preference if yes why?
I use a lot of virtual instruments but they will never replace the sound of Analogue
22. What' your favorite TV show?
What’s a TV show. Ok seriously, I don’t really watch TV thankfully as a result I have more time for music.
None. In one sense I don’t like this sort of amusement.
23. Anything you would like to say to the fans of the Spacesynth Genre?
Never write music for money!!!!!!! There’s better ways to make money. Greetings to all musicians may Space be ours!!!

Now for something light hearted. Just give the answer to one you prefer or “Neither” if they aren’t applicable. (No explanations required!!)
1. Tea or Coffee? Do you mean the show on TVP!?
2. Market or Shopping Mall? Shopping Mall.
3. Demo or Italo? Disco and I mean Italo.
4. TV or Sport? Sport, it’s healthy.
5. Books or Cinema? I fall asleep from reading.
6. Resort or Camping? Cosmodrome.
7. Summer or Winter?
8. Cat or Dog? Batman.
9. Beer, wine or Spirits? Beer, more than anything else.
10. Blonde or Brunette? That depends on many factors, but 2 is better than 1.
11. Sweet or savoury? Hot Girls.

Once again thank you for allowing us your time in answering these questions, it is very much appreciated! We hope this gives the spacesynth community a little better insight into you as an artist.

Thank you.

Space Sound Records Team.
Interview Conducted By Peter D.
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