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Vision Talk
Vision Talk
Interview with Vision Talk
1. Could you with a few words describe who you are and where you come from?
Vision Talk is: Richard Flow (writer/singer), comes from Kalmar and he is also involved in a band called "Strangel". Besides that he has a project of his own named just "Richard Flow". Krister Petersson (musiccreator/mixerman) is from Rimforsa and involved in another band "Chinese Theatre". Stefan "Fellin" Olsson (musiccreator) who has released an album a couple of years ago with Hypersound is from Trelleborg. And Martina Ramstedt is managing the background vocals. Martina is from Gothenburg also the leadsinger in "Chinese Theatre". If noone has figured this out already, we are from Sweden?, although we are scattered from different places.
2. What's the story with you guys being interested in your type of music?
Since we all are born in the 70's and the early 80's we have Italo Disco and 80's synthpop in our vains. Of course there were a lot of ohter music at that tim, but it was the synthmusic that influnced the main part of our band. Richard has recently discovered new elements in his creating, but it definately is the electronic music that lies closest to our hearts.
3. Are there any artists that have infuenced you?
Since Stefan has released a project of his own in spacesynth style he has his influences from Hipnosis, Laserdance, Koto a s o. Also Krister likes these artists. Depeche Mode, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy are bands which were very imoprtant to Richard during the wild days of youth. Some of us has older brothers and sisters who invited us to italo disco and synthpop when we were younger.
4. What do you do besides producing synthmusic?
Richard works as salesman. Besides that he has a lot of things going on. Webdesign, photowork, musicvideos and he is writing a script for a movie. Another interest of his is Ufo's and paranormal activity things. Martina is a information scientist, Fellin works in the computer bussiness and Krister is back in school studying to be a nurse.
5. There is a boom of different styles of synthmusic at the present. Do you think that the genre's about to be even more commercialised?
I'm thinking of bands like Elegant machinery and Universal poplab.There are both good and band with music being commercialised. One listen rather to Elegant machinery on the radio than Britney Spears although Britney-kinda-like music is often more synthish than for example Depeche Mode nowadays. The negativity with commercial music is that it often looses its "underground factor" and that is a good factor.
6. Are there any elements within this genre that doesn't fit in, in that case, which ones?
I (Krister) do not like that many people within producing music believe him/herself to be the one who knows everything. Those people are probaly the ones who talk much but produce less. Even if someone says that something isn't that good enough, the same person should encourage and give critic in a fullfilling way rather than complain.
7. What are your future plans? Do you have for instance material for an album release?
Our plans are to get out there to do live gigs after we'd released our first album. Whe should need 4-5 songs more and then we are ready to go. It's important for us to release an album where every song is a quality song. Every song shall have hit potential. Richard is about to release an album with his other band Strangel later this year.
8. How do you feel about collaborating with other artists?
It's always interesting with collaborations and work with other people. It's fun and you get a chance to share your thoughts and to inhale ideas from other perspectives.
9. What's that special thing a song must have to develop that special hit feeling?
The main leadmelody is extremely important and also of course the refrain. It should be catchy and have nice sounds. Today all to many make the mistake to overproduce and trash the song with to much mastering because they want it to be that special radio hit. And then it depends on how it should break through. If the goal is a radiohit it unfortunately will be quite predictable and dull. But if a song should break through in our world it is quite on the contrary. New creating and catchy is what we like.
10. What's your idea regarding Italo Disco? And do you have any favourite band in particular?
Italo Disco is the music that many of us grew up with. When at the discoteque you always used to hear that music playing, and many are the hours when we have danced to the sound of Scotch, Baltimora, Miko Mission a s o. Band with Italo touch that we like are, for example Mike Mareen, Savage, Brand Image, Babys Gang and Latin Lover. One could go on forever though. Unfortunately most of the bands only had qualitylevel for one 33/45.
11. Sweden is a country which has come up with a number of synthbands och is still going strong today. Do you think that this fact affects the quality and hit potential with a band?
Sweden has always been strong, especially with music for export. We also have a special feeling for our sound and music up here in the nordic countries which contributes to the quality for our artists. During the past years the quality have sunk a bit thouhg. But the main reason for that, is that it's cheap and easy to make music at home nowadays. But to mention some of the swedish bands who do keep a high position are: Elegant Machinery, Thermostatic, Antilles, Cloetta Paris, The Disko?, Zeitgeist, Mr Jones Machine and a couple of others.
12. Name the 3 best synhtsongs that ever have been written?
Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode, Living on Video- Trans X, Non Stop Violence – Apoptygma Berzerk (A lot of answers were made here)
13. Now the best soundtrack for a movie?
Okay, we will not be satisfied with just one answer here so: Everything with Angelo Badalamenti and Vangelis „Bladerunner” and „The end” with John Carpenter.
14. And to finish the rank questions, the 3 top movies of all time?
Trilogy of the Ring Bladerunner Everything with Lynch.
15. What kind of equipment do you use?
Since we're all living in different parts of Sweden, we more or less have homestudios of our own but to mention some of stuff we're using: Propellerhead Reason 4.0, Cubase, Adobe Audition, Melodyne, Roland Juno 2 and Korg DW6000.
16. Which one was your first hardware synth?
Korg Poly 800 and Roland D-20.
17. Could you describe your steps for producing a typical Vision Talk song?
Interesting to see if we have the same understanding here?. Krister and Stefan makes a tune. Richard then writes the text and add his voice to it. And then Martinas job is to do the backing. After that Krister takes care of the material so he can mix and produce the complete song.
18. If you got the chance to play live at Wembley besides another band. Which band would you choose?
Depeche Mode or Yazoo.
19. Any thoughts you'd like to share to the public in general?
We hope that an Italo disco style revival is here and that we will be  a part of it. And Vision Talk are just in the beginning of our journey!
20. And finally some 50/50 questions

1. Swedish car/Foreign?   Are there any swedish anymore?
2. Guitar/Synthesizer?   Synth
3. Depeche Mode/Erasure?   Depeche Mode
4. Vodka/Whiskey?   Vodka
5. Winter/Summer?   Summer
6. Horror movie/Comedy?   Horror
7. Cd or Vinyl?   CD (but vinyls are really nice)
8. Tv-games/Party games? Party games
9. Miami Vice/Dallas?   Miami Vice
10. Party/Relaxing at home?   Party

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