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RYGAR - Sonorous !

This is the news that all spacesynth lovers have been waiting for, for so long. The brand new Rygar album Sonorous is officially out! We worked very hard on this album and finally it is ready for sale. All songs were produced by Michiel Van Der Kuy . With this album we tried to use the roots of spacesynth while keeping the old laser dance style. This album is full of great melodies, heavy baselines, and lots of vocoders. Basically, everything a spacesynth fan loves! This is one of the best and most exciting projects we have ever been a part of. We are  so glad to be able to share this masterpiece with all of you. It is definitely a must have for spacesynth and Michael Van Der Kuy fans. Enjoy!.
Space Holidays vol. 11

Happy Holidays from Space Sound Records! The Saga continues! This year we have 35 amazing tracks for you. Everyone on this compilation did a great job and we would like to say thank you to all of the participants. We hope that this compilation will bring you a lot of joy for this upcoming Holiday Season. We wish you all the best from the Space Sound records Team.

Want a great way to start the summer? Put on your sunscreen and flip flops and enjoy the new Summer in Space Volume 2 Compilation! We are proud to present 15 great tracks to kick off your first day of summer! Wishing you lots of sun and great times!

Order Now !!!

To all the fans of Spacesynth and Italo Disco... for the first time ever, we are having a big sale on all our products! All cds are on sale now for only $10. Act fast because this sale is limited till the and of March. For all of those who would like to purchase more than 3 cds an additional discount will apply - email us at and we will give you more information about the additional discount. So hurry up and enjoy all your favorites now at a discounted price.
Space Holidays vol. 10

Happy Holidays from Space Sound Records!   Wow this is our 10 year anniversary edition of the Space Holidays compilation. 10 years of keeping up with tradition!  This year the Space Holidays compilation comes with 3 CDs and a total of 31 songs! The artists worked very  hard on this project and without them this project would not have been possible.  We wish you all the best  , Happy Holidays , and we all hope you enjoy this great stuff!
ITALOCONNECTION - Remixes vol. 2

Ladies and Gentlemen , yes ... We got it !!! The brand new Italoconnection Remixes vol.2 is out today. This album was a long wait for many of you and finally we did it . We don't have to advertise this name because Italoconnection is an already well known brand on the Italo Disco market . This is another great release for all the Italo Disco lovers .If you liked the previous volume you will definitely like vol.2 .Here at Space Sound Records we are extremely proud of this brand new release.

With great pleasure Space Sound Records wants to announce a wonderful a surprise to all the fans of the Space Holidays series... This time we made a compilation called Summer In Space! This is in addition to the whole winter series, that you have come to know and enjoy. We are planning to continue with Summer In Space in the future, we hope you like it! Please download the music and cool artwork here.

ITALOCONNECTION - Remixes vol. 2

The ITALOCONNECTION album will be released soon. The planned release date is June 2018.

Space Holidays vol. 9

Happy Holidays from Space Sound Records! We are proud to present Volume 9 of Space Holidays. This year the Space Holidays compilation comes with 3 CDs and a total of 35 songs! What an amazing feat. I would like to say a special thank you to all that participated in the project this year, without you this wouldn't be possible. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season and a fantastic new year!

Marco Rochowski - SILENT MOTION

We are very proud to present an amazing release by Marco Rohowosksifdfhd. This brand new CD is titled Silent Motion and is his first solo project album. Contrary to some of his previous work, this album's tracks demonstrate a more relaxed and slow type of feel. We recommend this album to all and urge you check it out for yourself!

Bellatrix - DREAM

This brand new album by Bellatrix is called Dream and is second album created by Waldemar Zywica. This is a must have for spacesynth fans. The album take you on a journey to the spacesynth world. It includes all kinds of styles, amazing melodies and vocoders. While listening to this album you will be able to encounter some great surprises that add to the whole experience.

SYNTHESIS - Satellite

Synthesis Satellite is the third album by Robert Ludwinski. Like previous ones, it has the typical old Laserdance style. We highly recommend this album to all the fans that love this LD sound. It will be a great addition to your collection! This album has many great melodies, lots of vocoders as well as nice LD and Koto basses. A great listen and a great buy.


Space Holidays vol. 8

Happy Holidays from Space Sound Records! We present to you our biggest project yet, 3 CDs with 37 songs! Our artists worked hard on this project, and we all hope you enjoy! Happy holidays from our family to yours - The Space Sound Records Team.


Space Holidays vol. 7

This year the force is strong in space, that's why we have something special for you. As you all know this is a tradition for us, and of course traditions must continue. Even though Space Holidays is nothing new, this year we present not one, two but three CD's. We have never been able to present this number of tracks, but we are proud to present compositions by both old and new artists.

Fred Ventura - The Years - 30th Anniversary Reworks

With great pleasure we would like to introduce our newest release: Fred Ventura - The Years - 30th Anniversary Reworks. On this CD you can find 13 songs including remixed versions as well as the originals itself. The remixes have been made by many well known DJs and producers of this time. We hope you enjoy this tribute as much as we do.

Linda Jo Rizzo

Space Sound Records would like to present an album of one of the most popular female vocals of 80's Eurodisco, Linda Jo Rizzo ''Fly Me High'' album . We have been working on this album for the past 3 years, but the final result was definitely worth the hard work and wait. On this album you will find 7 big hits from the 80s and 6 brand new tracks that were recorded in Moon Studios in New York. Besides the great music you will also find a beautiful 10 page booklet with a biography, discography, lyrics, and awesome pictures as well as detailed credits. Though we have worked on this, Space Sound Records has teamed up with ZYX, who will be the distributor of the album. You can purchase the CD from their web site as well as other proxies.

Space Holidays vol. 6

Bellatrix - Transmission

We have a great new release for all spacesynth fans! Introducing Transmission by Bellatrix. Bellatrix is one of the newest artists in our label. For the first time we have a special concept album that has each song connected to the next. This allows for the smooth transition per song for the best listening experience. We believe this better displays the album in its entirety.

Fred Ventura & Paolo Gozzetti - ITALOCONNECTION

Here at Space Sound Records we are extremely proud to present our newest release Fred Ventura & Paolo Gozzetti - Italoconnection . Fred Ventura is one of the most recognized artists of Italo Disco. We consider this release to be extremely special to us because we got to work with such great artists. Previously this album was released on vinyl with only 6 songs.In cooperation with Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti, Space Sound Records is releasing the album on CD with the addition of 4 new tracks for a total of 10. We recommend this to every Italo-Euro Disco lover as well as our devoted fans. We hope you enjoy it as much as we had the pleasure creating it for you.


Space Holidays vol. 5


This is the double cd album that a lot fans have been waiting for . We are very proud of this new double cd album. After Return the Atlantis was released a year ago only as digital download; we decided to release that great album on cd together with the brand new very powerful album Under ATTACK . This double packed release is in old school Laserdance style that will blow your brain.


We are proud to introduce our new project TQ's Let's go to Tokyo cd maxi-single. This maxi-single containing 8 tracks remixed by Mirko Hirsch, Michiel Van Der Kuy, Tony Marinello, Marco Rochowski and Vanello. As a bonus we included the music video ''Let's go to Tokyo''. The wide variety of remixes add to the album making it superb. This song is taken from TQ's forthcoming album ''Out of the Shadows''. Look for TQ's maxi-single on iTunes, CC Baby and other digital distributors, and stay tuned for more information about her lastest work!

Space Holidays vol. 4

In continuation of our ongoing tradition Space Sound Records presents the 2012 Space Holidays Compilation. We would like to thank all the artists who contributed to this album, with a total of 30 songs, making this one our biggest one yet!. Happy Holidays from the Space Sound Records Team!


Space Sound Records would like to introduce you to another great release. Dogmatica is a progressive spacesynth album by Neuton Mouse that includes 13 magical tunes that differ from each other by sound and themes. Each track is unique for its non-repetitive structure that represents stories from the author's life. If you like non-traditional spacesynth music then it was made especially for you.

Look on our website for e-shop where you could listen to all the samples from the album!


After 7 years Synthesis is back with his amazing brand new album ''Galaxy Fighters''. This time Robert Ludwinski improved his great skills and made 13 awesome tracks. Galaxy Fighters has a lot of great vocoders, and melodies in both Laserdance and Koto style with great bass lines. This is the perfect cd for oldschool spacesynth lovers.

Look on our website for e-shop where you could listen to all the samples from the album!


Space Sound Records are very excited to introduce the debut album of Retronic Voice. The progress of this cd has reached over 4 years and this certainly shows when listening to the music.  Marco Rochowski is brilliant with his synthesizers and manages to create a unique atmosphere. Along with Daniel Pettersson´s new wave voice they create a special sound for this genre. This album should appeal to spacesynth, italo-disco and synthpop listeners all over the world. Of course this is a must buy to have in your collection. In the booklet you can find lyrics and the story of Retronic Voice. Enjoy!

Special Interview with AXEL BREITUNG for Space Sound Records

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what do you do?
After the end of the musicbiz (as I understand the biz), I've founded a video department in addition to my recording studio. Now I work as a productioner in my own company and make videos and animations for advertising use in the internet.

2. How did you get involved in music and do you have a music background?

Yes, from the middle of the seventies until up to the middle of the eighties I played guitar in some bands (Pop and Rock). In the early eighties I started to compose music and produce records. 20 years later I got an echo award in the category Best German Producer 2002.

3. Tell us about your musical career. How did it all start and describe the projects that you have been working in and how they were set up.My first releases were some records I did with together different bands (to get gigs). At that time producing records was very lavish and expensive. In 1982 I got a deal with Phonogram Records as Axel B.1985 I had my first charthit ‘Touch In The Night' with the Pop project Silent Circle (#15). (read more)


We are excited to present another new release: Joy Peters - Back To Joy.

After the long wait this cd is now here! This album was produced by the famous Axel Breitung. We also created 3 brand new tracks for this cd. This is the  first  and only official cd release by Joy Peters.  The CD includes a booklet that contains the story of the creation of the album, a biography and unique pictures.  We hope that this cd album will not only appeal to the fans of Joy Peters and Axel Breitung  but to all lovers of italo & euro disco.

Special Interview with JOY PETERS for Space Sound Records (read here)


The Space Sound Records team would like to finally present our new album Rygar -Modulation.

The godfathers of spacesynth music Michiel van der kuy and Rob Van Eijk are back!

After a long time of work and exceptional effort this album is officially ready for sale. This CD of over 78 minutes is sure to blow your mind again and again. This CD comes with a beautiful booklet which includes the history of Rygar and individual biographies of Michiel and Rob and pictures.  


Space Holidays vol. 3

Happy Holidays from Space Sound Records! It is beginning to be like a tradition where we release a Space Holidays Album every year. This year we have a special gift which is a double edition album with a total of 23 songs. We would like to thank all contributing artists. This
compilation is a token of appreciation for all of our fans, customers and supporters. We hope you enjoy!

Space Sound Records team.

Galactic Warriors album "Return To Atlantis"

Special Interview with Galactic Warriors for Space Sound Records. Galactic Warriors album "Return To Atlantis" is out now!. Galactic Warriors is the debut album by a new duo from Croatia. This is classic spacesynth done in the old school way. Fans of the Laserdance style will definately find something interesting here. This album is highly recommended for fans of Spacesynth and Italo Disco. This new release is available in mp3, wave and cd-r format with full artwork covers. A follow up album is already in progress.


We would like to introduce you to a promo mix from the forthcoming Rygar album ''Modulation". This album is produced by the famous Michiel Van Der Kuy and Rob Van Eijk and will be released soon in Space Sound Records  on CD. You can download this mix from our website in wave file or mp3, we also have a promo cover just for the mix. Enjoy.

Riccardo Campa - The Italian Way

Space Sound Records is pleased to announce the release of Riccardo Campa's new CD album: "The Italian Way". This long waited work brings together officially on CD - for the first time - his previously released vinyl maxisingles along with new unreleased studio recording material. Together with classic italodisco hits like Desperado and Another Day, now you can listen to many new tunes. Once again, Riccardo is giving us melody, rhythm, and passion like in the best classic “old school” italo disco tradition.

This album merges together the powerful and energetic sound of Cyborg Woman, Celebration and Secret Agent man with the melancholic atmosphere of electro ballads like Aurora and Angels of Love. This is the Italian way… to discomusic!

Mirko Hirsch - Obsession

This is the moment many fans of Italo Disco have been waiting for...

Space Sound Records is proud to present Mirko Hirsch's highly anticipated debut album "Obsession".

We think this is one of our label's finest releases to date including a full color CD booklet with all lyrics to the songs and stylish artwork. You'll get 80 minutes of great Italo Euro Disco songs that will remind you of the good old 80's and artists such as Radiorama (Mauro Farina), Den Harow and many others. We put a lot of effort into this product and really worked on every detail to make it a great collector's item for a fantastic price.

You can now purchase the CD directly from us using our E-Shop.


Space Holidays vol. 2

Happy Holidays from Space Sound Records! It is beginning to be like a tradition where we release a Space Holidays Album every year. We would like to thank all contributing artists. This compilation is a token of appreciation for all of our fans, customers and supporters. We hope you enjoy!

Space Sound Records team.

Revelation Mix - (Spacesynth)

For all the fans of spacesynth and italo we have got a greate surprise. Two superb megamixes for free download. The first one called Revelation Mix - Part A is a one hour long spacesynth mixed by incredible Martin Verlaan. In the set you will find the most famous stars of contemporary spacesynth, including new songs by Michiel Van Der Kuy & Rob Van Eijk made under Rygar. Moreover there are the newest compositions by Marco Rochowski, Anders Lundqvist, Prodomo, Galaxy Hunter, Dreamtime and many more from the sapcesynth genre. There are all main variants of spacesynth on the Part A, starting from a classical Laser Dance style represented before by: Koto, Area 51, Syntech. There are modern spacesynth songs as well that you can listen to. The collection are full of specific and various basslines, memorable melodies and lots of colourful vocoders meaning all that we love about spacesynth. The megamix is made in 135 - 190 bpm.

ItaloEuroDisco vol. 1

With immense satisfaction we present our brand new release: Italo Euro Disco Volume 1. It is a compilation which is recorded in Italo/Euro Disco style. With this compilation we open a new chapter in the history of our label. The Italo Disco trend was one sign of identification for the 80's. Italo & Euro Disco still has lots of fans and enthusiasts and they still come not only because of classical achievements from under the ages but also thanks to performing music by modern artists. It is the music that is discovered by young people for whom the music is a kind of inspiration. On the CD we tried to keep a one of a kind atmosphere of Italo Euro Disco with a draw-back to an era of splendour regarding the trend, a dance scene of the 80's.

The CD Italo Euro Volume 1 is consisted of 14 songs. You can listen to the new track by Tiziana Rivale and Eddy Huntington, successful stars of the 80's. Moreover there are new songs by Elen Cora, Riccardo Campa, Galaxy Hunter, Retronic Voice, Mirko Hirsch, Marc Fruttero and Vision Talk.

Intensive work on this project lasted a year but now we are proud and pleased that we can give it to your hands. We hope the Italo Euro Volume 1 can be one of your most favorite compilations, having in mind. It was created most of all for you.

Galaxy Hunter - Running High

This time we tried to prepare something different and that's why the new album sounds more Italo-Euro Disco like. We are sure the 16 tracks will take your fancy - we really encourage you to buy the CD at our shop!


Dreamtime - Farout

So finally we have got a long awaited debut album by Dreamtime. We are very proud of the CD. The album is sensational and should be found in a collection of each collector for that type of music. Lauri Turjansalo created 13 extraordinary songs that you can listen to with a great pleasure. The whole is extremely perfected and it looks that Lauri put as all the finishing touches as it was possible up to every single detail. We encourage you warmly to purchase the CD.

Galaxy Hunter - Sleeping Child

Due to the upcoming 40th anniversary of landing a man on the Moon (20.07.1969) Space Sound Records has got a nice present for you. After a year Galaxy Hunter is coming back from the furthest corners of the Universe bringing new portions of a great space music. The new album „Sleeping Child” is a continuation of the same style meaning the ones who liked the first album „We Came From Space”, will love the second one for sure. Also we wish new listeners pleasing impressions after hearing through the „Sleeping Child”. Entire album is a set of really interesting stories, starting from space travels, scientology, religious motives and even memories from 9/11. Galaxy Hunter places particular emphasis on lyrics of his songs and that's why in this edition of a booklet you will find all the lyrics for all tracks as well as some remarkable pictures and 3D graphics. Soon we will have an offer for buying an instrumental version of the album „Sleeping child".

A. M. Samurai - The First Element

We have got a debut album of A. M. Samurai - „The First Element” for sale. It's a great fresh melodic spacesynth piece of music with numerous Michael Cretu accents. Some of the songs you are familiar with because of our compilations, contests and youtube videos. There are still new and really interesting compositions. Whole CD is consisted of 17 songs of 80 minutes in length. The CD is a masterpiece and we recommend it warmly for all but espacially spacesynth and italo fans.

Galaxy Hunter

"Few days after releasing Galaxy Hunter's album we received many e-mails and questions if there would be instrumental versions for all the songs from the album available. For all the fans of Galaxy Hunter we have now a great news because from now on there is an instrumental version of „We came from space” album for sale. There are many melodies and music phrases uncovered. The new edition has the booklet changed and new catalogue number SSR00007. The one is of a very limited edition and it is available only on CDR's. Questions and orders must be sent to Space Sound Records"


We have some great news for you all, as of today officially we have two new albums: „The Best of Space Sound” and „Synthesizer Tribute to Depeche Mode”. Both albums will be available from our distributors very shortly. We're also having a promo discount offer, so if would like take advantage of the lower price, please send us your order to the e-mail below:

"The Best of Spacesound Records"

"Synthesizer Tribute To Depeche Mode"


Space Holidays vol. 1

Space Sound Records also have a special surprise for you all on this occasion ... a free download!!The album contains new compositions we also have attached a cover as well this time we present to you not only spacesynth but also songs in Italo Disco and Synth Pop style. We welcome you all to download this and happy listening. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish the artists that have worked with us Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, thank you all for your efforts.To the Fans: We can assure you all that in the New Year we will have lots of new music so stay tuned!!


Space Sound Team.

Galaxy Hunter - We Came From Space

In the section are available excerpts of records which will be released by Space Sound Records: Galaxy Hunter, Space Project and Starlight. Next artists comming soon. Stay tuned.

At last, the new long awaited album "We Came From Space" by is for sale. This year it is the second CD published by our label. I must inform you that the CD looks extraordinary and is consisted of 80 minutes of great music. We put a lot of effort so that it can be attractive and we really worked on every detail. What will draw your attention is certainly the cover made by Alexander Preuss and a beautiful booklet (8 pages) consisting of all the lyrics and some great photos of Monika and Zbigniew. Now you can purchase the CD directly from us (writeor 10USD plus shipping costs or soon via our distributors.

Space Project - The Return Of Space Raiders

We present the Space Project album. The album can be purchased in the shop department. More details below.

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